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Gemma Bromley - Half a Head is Out Now

Gemma Bromley

Mummy. Entrepreneur. Brain Injury survivor/craniotomy. Author. Grateful, positive and spiritual!

27th September 2020

I cannot believe that my book Half a Head has now been released! I am so unbelievably grateful with the mind blowing, beautiful and very touching reviews I have already received. In just week one! Wow – thank you.

Writing my book has been a very cathartic experience for me. Not only did I learn more about myself as I reviewed old medical reports, but it has helped me to break down that little bit of denial that was still attached to me all these years later. Half a Head has helped me to find a sense of closure. And that itself is liberating.

I didn’t write for approval, or for sympathy. I wrote because my story had taken me hostage for so many years. The idea of writing a book wouldn’t leave me alone! Now my words are finally out for others to read, in hope that they will support, help and inspire the process of recovery after trauma.

I wanted to write a book because I care passionately about the story I have lived to tell. I can only hope that my readers will sense that passion in my writing, and enjoy the journey I take them on from the very start to the end.

If you read my book, I’d love feedback please get in touch via my email, or on instrgram. From the bottom of my heart thank you ❤

All my love


Half a Head - Gemma Bromley

My book “Half A Head” is OUT NOW!

You can order your copy on Amazon by clicking here!

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