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Thank you for taking the time to engage with my page, I am truly grateful. I am delighted to promote my memoir and self-help book ‘Half a Head’ which is OUT NOW. Half a Head looks at my recovery after one hell of an operation that has changed my life forever.

I am now selling a t-shirts in support of Headway UK. They were designed by my own very talented Dad, Steve. Check them out here.

I recently appeared on the amazing A Battle Within podcast. It was so much fun chatting with Drew and Terry. You can find the podcast on all of your favourite services and you can check it out here and read a bit more about the great work they do.

Please feel free to read a bit more about me and my outlook on life and of course I would love to hear from you so don’t be shy!

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Half a Head - Gemma Bromley


My book “Half A Head” is OUT NOW!

You can order your copy on Amazon now by clicking here!

I’ve received so much amazing feedback already so I thought I would share it with you lovely people. You can read what people think HERE!

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It truly melts my heart to hear how my book can help people. I just had to share these amazing words from you lovely people!

I have just finished reading your book and wanted to say how brilliant I think it is.

You wrote so brilliantly, I admire you for being so honest about your accident, your rehab, and the challenges you still have to overcome every day. I really like the way you managed to make the book such a personal story, but with so many facts, references, and ideas for self help effortlessly weaved in.

I qualified as a physio in 2005, and specialise in Neuro physio. I read your paragraphs about Rebecca and physio with particular interest – you really captured the struggle so many patients feel.

I think your book will be really useful for patients with head injuries, their families, and professionals trying to help with recovery – you’ve done an amazing job, thank you.


Such a beautiful and amazing book by Gemma that had me captivated from the start. 

I do not want to give too much away but the support and advice Gemma shares from her tragic first hand experience for anyone who has suffered from a brain injury is invaluable not only to them but also to family and friends. 

She is a beautiful being, a capsule of strength, determination and positivity.


Gemma, you beautiful human, you amaze me. I wish I had an ounce of your drive and determination. Such a well written book for those suffering from TBI and also those of us who don’t. I have no doubt your book will help numerous people out there. Much love to you.


Wow Gemma. What an inspirational read. I haven’t been able to put the down. It has so much personality in it, and the way it has been written to provide so many informative, helpful tools for oters is brilliant. Truly insightful.


I finished the book last night and would love to tell you what I got from it.

Firstly, you’re a great writer. You write with such clarity, (I’d say this brain injury or not) which provokes strong emotion. I’ve read a thousand crime thrillers which detailed some horrible stuff but none made my stomach turn like your account of the accident did. The kind of turning you get when you see an old person take a fall. (I’m not calling you old!) This is a gift. This clarity also comes across in your account of the desperation to communicate when you woke up. I felt it.

I could also empathise with the denial aspect and the want to ignore your illness and press on, ignoring what cannot really be ignored if you want to REALLY heal. You really illustrate how much time this takes and how it’s not a straight climb, rather, an up and down, roundabout kind of journey.

It will help a lot of people I am sure. Not just the patients but the families. I could go on but I also have a reputation as a bit of a spoiler so I’ll let everyone read it for themselves!

I think the real magic of the book will be when your Son reads it. As children, I think we have an innate ability to understand our parents up to a point. But you have given him the keys not just to unlock you and your identity but to open the door to how you got there. To me, there isn’t a more valuable gift a parent could give their child.


Wow this book is so inspirational! Gemma has come so far and tells it all so eloquantly and with such real and raw emotion. Highly recommended x


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